Hawaii Health Connector Social Media Campaign

Based on our experience with the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange, we were able to pick up Hawaii’s account. Now I know what you’re thinking… cool, a free trip to Hawaii. Actually, for our first two visits, we spent more time in the air than on the ground. The five day shoot for the creative was better. (Well, if you don’t count road destroying lava and a hurricane.) In New Mexico, you have islands of population surrounded by desert. In Hawaii, you have actual islands. Pair those geographic impediments with an extremely small, yet targetable group of uninsured people and traditional media just doesn’t make sense. And that’s why we went all in on social.

Creative Director/Copywriter: Jeff Ericksen
Creative Director: Craig Hirasaki
Art Director: Kelsey Barnowsky
Social Media Director: Bruce Dierbeck
Director: Dean Kaneshiro
Photographer: Dana Edmunds
Producer: Peggy Kiefer