Nelson Schmidt – Safer At Work

Like most agencies, the majority of our employees opted to work from home as the pandemic struck and the state’s safer-at-home orders were implemented. As the crisis became more controlled, more employees expressed a desire to return to the office. So we created a comprehensive Safer-at-Work plan, ensuring our two offices were safe and ready for those who wanted to return. In addition to an informative guidebook, personal safety supplies and custom designed antibacterial desk blotters, we created office-wide signage to remind people about the importance of practicing safe practices. Taking a “spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down” approach, we developed a series of messages that were not only instructional, but fun. Signs intended to keep people healthy and bring smiles to their faces. Even if you couldn’t see them behind their masks.


Chief Creative Office/Copywriter: Mike Fredrick
Senior Designer: Sarah Hand
Group Creative Director/Copywriter: Jeff Ericksen

Accolades: Service Industry Awards (Gold), Milwaukee 99 Showcase