Panduit – Brand Campaign

Panduit is an industrial electrical and network infrastructure company. After your done wondering ‘what the hell is that?’ ask yourself this, ‘do I know what wires are?’ OK, that might be simplifying their business model a bit, but basically Panduit creates the physical components that carry electricity and data as well as consults on how to optimize those systems within a business. When we discovered that most of our C-Suite audience didn’t know what types of systems they had, cared or even understood their influence on overall profitability, we had to wake them up. Thus, the metaphor of infrastructure as potential evil was born. And that it was time to connect with Panduit before the real nightmares began.


Chief Creative Officer: Mike Fredrick
Creative Director/Art Director: Scott Lawson
Creative Director/Copywriter: Jeff Ericksen
CGI: We Monsters

Accolades: ANA B2 (Silver), ANA Global Ace