Sculpture MKE – Outspoken Spokespeople

Let’s face it, modern sculpture is weird. There, I said it. So how do you get a relatively reserved general public interested in coming to see the out there and unexpected? Just remind them that the out-of-the-ordinary is pretty ordinary around our parts. And it starts with people. From the Pepperoni Cannoli Guy to Dick Bacon to Mary Nohl, Milwaukee has had and has its share of interesting individuals. This campaign features our current crop of unique characters and lets them invite others to discover what interests them about the works of art at Sculpture Milwaukee. Painting a cast of quirky and somewhat recognizable people in an approachable light has a side effect of making our sculptures also feel approachable. This idea also has a baked in PR/social media play. Our Outspoken Spokespeople have large following and are picture perfect for news stories. A great way to amplify our campaign on limited media budget. It also makes a nice “only in Milwaukee” story. We’re the only place on the planet with this interesting cast of characters and this plethora of amazing sculptures.


Chief Creative Officer: Mike Fredrick
Creative Director/Copywriter/Interviewer: Jeff Ericksen
Creative Director/Art Director: Rachel Bertsch
Photographer: David Szymanski
Director: Olivia Gilbert
Editor: Olivia Gilbert

Accolades: Graphis (Silver), Milwaukee 99 (Bronze & Merit)