Travel Guard Insurance

After working through a number of concepts, we still weren’t happy. With our client in town for some meetings, we went out for dinner and drinks. Late into the night we somehow got on the subject of outrageous travel insurance claims. Turns out our client had a ton of them. Everything from a woman needing emergency treatment after a spider bite in Rwanda to a guy who had his dentures stolen by a rat in Mexico. At that moment the “for the things you can’t imagine when traveling” campaign was born. The print below came a few years later. Even though it was a B2B play, it also got a lot of attention. And gave me an opportunity to imagine a meat dress long before Lady Gaga.


Executive Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Creative Director/Copywriter: Jeff Ericksen
Creative Director/Art Director: Scott Krahn
Director: Joe Schaak
Photographer: Jeff Salzer