WEDC – More Campaign

When you’re young and skilled, you pretty much have your pick of any place on the planet to live and work. Wisconsin isn’t always high on that list. Learning that our target wasn’t looking for any one thing in particular when considering moving to another state, but demanding everything, the More campaign was born. An engaging way to prove that in choosing Wisconsin they didn’t have to compromise between a great career, exciting lifestyle, amazing culture and well, more.


Chief Creative Officer/Copywriter: Mike Fredrick
Group Creative Director/Copywriter: Jeff Ericksen
Group Creative Director/Art Director: Clay Konner
Directors: Saturn Lounge
Photographers: Saturn Lounge

Accolades: ANA B2 (Bronze), B2B Elevation (Silver)








Shift Gears :30 Radio


BizSwimsuit :30 Radio


Best Buds :30 Radio