ARCW/Boys and Girls Clubs

The drive to have sex is an unbelievable force. How can an ad campaign stop horny teenagers from acting on these primeval hardwired urges? It can’t. So we didn’t try. Because this effort was funded in part by the conservative Boys and Girls Clubs, we couldn’t say have safe sex. And because the other part of funding came from the progressive AIDS Resource center, we couldn’t push abstinence. To solve this conundrum, we came up with the simple idea of maybe you should wait. Don’t preach, don’t push an agenda, just let kids come to their own conclusions. At the center was a website that allowed kids to share their own stories both good and bad. To get this jaded audience to the site, we had to use some pretty out their creative. Another piece of the puzzle was to give kids who would talk to classes a fun ice breaker. Hence the videos and garlic gum. Yes, we actually produced garlic gum.


Executive Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Creative Director/Copywriter: Jeff Ericksen
Art Director: Giho Lee
Director: Joe Schaak